9 Tips For Creating A Memorable Brand in 2021

1. Create Your Buyer Persona

Yes, creating a buyer persona is extremely basic and marketing 101.

2. Determine How You Want Your Business To Be Perceived

Do you want your brand to be a tough authoritative figure? Or a fun and easy-going friend?


What design elements do you want to represent your brand? This will be reflected in your logo, colors, website, store, and everything you can see or touch.


Is your brand playful, kind, exciting, or sophisticated? If you personified your brand, what type of personality would you want it to have? You can then portray this personality through design and copy.


After your market interacts with your brand over time, a consumer-brand relationship will be formed. But what type of relationship do you want to have with your customers? This is influenced by your marketing messages, how you interact with customers, and how you support them.


What is your workplace culture like? People buy from brands they like. A major factor that determines whether someone likes a brand or not is their culture. You want your workplace to reflect the brand you want to portray.


Reflection refers to your buyer persona. Depending on what your ideal customer is like, how you portray your brand will change. For example, Nike has a buyer persona that includes a young adult with an interest in sports and fashion (this is a very simplified version of one of their personas). This influences their messaging, creatives, and even the music they play in-store.


How does your customer perceive themselves? What do they consider to be their values, goals, and image? Once you know who they want to become, you can position your brand as one that can help them achieve this.

3. Create A Brand Voice With Writing Guidelines

Once you’ve determined the personality you want your brand to have, the easiest way to portray it is to create a brand voice and use it in all your writing. This includes the content you post on social media, brochures, websites, and more.

4. Tell A Brand Story

What is the most memorable way to convey a message?

5. Create A Brand Awareness Strategy

If your market doesn’t know your business exists, do you really have a brand?

Organic channels include:

Posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube), content marketing (blogs, podcasts, videos), SEO (works well in-conjunction with content marketing), and email marketing (this is usually to keep top-of-mind for people who already know of your brand).

Paid channels include:

Advertising on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and display networks. However, to effectively utilize paid media, it’s important to have analytics in place to measure the ROI of your investments.

Offline brand awareness:

If your business is mostly offline, some ways you can build brand awareness offline include: flyers, events, networking, and direct mail. However, even primarily offline businesses can take advantage of the online brand awareness strategies described above.

6. Engage With Your Audience Consistently

With social media and the constant need for instant gratification, customers want to engage with brands directly online and in real-time if possible.

7. Monitor Brand Mentions

Have you decided to give engaging with your audience a shot? If so, you’ll quickly find yourself facing this problem…

8. Build A Community

Want to know the ultimate way to create a memorable brand?

9. Refresh Your Brand

Over time, market conditions change, and your brand needs to change with it.



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Linda A. Fanaras

Linda A. Fanaras

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